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Middle School

A photo of Janelle Green

Janelle Green

Middle School Principal

Kari Richards

Office Technician

(951) 824-8046 VP


CSDR Middle School is a three-year comprehensive program that follows the State of California framework and also meets the needs of each individual student through the IEP process.

The CSDR Middle School Program offers a variety of curricular programs designed to meet the educational needs of all students with a Fast-paced Academic Curriculum, an Academic Curriculum, and a Foundations to Academics Curriculum.

All Middle School students have the following courses on a daily basis for the full year:

  • 1 period of ASL/English/English Foundations (written language)
  • 1 period of Reading/Reading Foundations
  • 1 period of Mathematics/Math Foundations
  • 1 period of Science/Science Concepts
  • 1 period of History/History Concepts
  • 1 period of Physical Education
  • 1 period of Enrichment classes (see below)

Within the Academic Curriculum, classrooms follow the California Content Standards in each of the Content areas. Students are grouped according to their academic needs in Reading/Language and Math. These courses will either give them a modified curriculum and materials using the Content Standards based upon their needs identified in their IEP (Foundations or Concept classes), or challenge them with a fast-paced grade level program.

Enrichment Classes

The Enrichment classes are offered to all students and include other students from the Special Needs Department when appropriate. Students rotate on a 6-week basis through a variety of different class assignments. Rotations include Family Life Education, Health, Deaf Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, and Computer Literacy Skills. In addition to these topics each grade level receives a unique experience:

  • 6th grade students receive an intensive hands-on program on Ocean Studies to help prepare them for the end-of-the-year trip to Catalina Island.
  • 7th grade students are introduced to Career/Technology Education courses prior to entering into the High School program.
  • 8th grade students have the opportunity to explore the Career Pathway Program in the High School hands-on.

Middle School News

In addition to the daily courses offered in the Middle School, students also experience a variety of other exciting programs and events, such as Science Fair/History Day/Math Fun Day, Battle of the Books, and a Class Academic Bowl competition to mention a few.

The Middle School runs a Student Council to help facilitate and expose students to Leadership activities and experiences. These students run Student Council assemblies six times a year, in addition to spirit days, pep rallies, and special events. Student Council works closely with the school’s Administration and represents the Middle School at the Superintendent’s Round Table sessions.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information or to arrange a tour.

Period Schedule - Monday thru Thursday

Period 1
8:00 - 8:52
Period 2
8:56 - 9:48
Period 3
9:52 - 10:44
Period 4
10:48 - 11:40
11:45 - 12:20
Period 5
12:25 - 1:17
Period 6
1:21 - 2:13
Period 7
2:17 - 3:09

Alternating Period Schedule - Friday

Period 1/2
8:00 - 9:05
Period 3/4
9:09 - 10:14
Period 5/6
10:18 - 11:23
11:28 - 12:03
12:07 - 1:12